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Croatia: Rijeka, Let’s Go! (Part 1/3)

In the evening of May 28, 2021, in the capital of the Czech Republic, an important event took place – from the Central Railway Station in Prague, the Regiojet summer train to Croatia started for the first time.

On this occasion, the management of Regiojet and the Representative Office of the Croatian National Tourism Board (CNTB) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, organized an inaugural journey.

Before departure, passengers could pass a rapid antigen test at the train station and receive the result by e-mail within 10 minutes after the procedure.
There were about 400 passengers on board, including representatives of the largest international media, as well as the owner and CEO of Regiojet, Radim Jančura and the Croatian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Ljiljana Pancirov.

During a press conference, Aleš Ondrůj, Communications Director of Regiojet, spoke about the project, that Regiojet trains run to Croatia from May 28 to September 27: daily in July and August, as well as three times a week in June and September.

The train consists of 15 carriages, with both berths and seats. The train connects the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary with Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. In Croatia, Regiojet works closely with Croatian Railways (HZPP).
Ales Ondrůj noted that to date, more than 35,000 tickets have been sold, and about 1,000 tickets are sold daily.
“So far, we are very pleased with the results. Ticket sales are increasing every day. We also see reservations from Croatia, where there is interest to visit Prague, Bratislava and Budapest.” Ondrůj added.

In addition to railway operators, Regiojet works closely with CNTB (Croatian National Tourist Board), as well as Czech travel agencies Čedok and Mediteran Travel, which sell tourist packages along with Regiojet tickets.

Prices for railway transportation are quite reasonable – for a one-way ticket, including booking and all services – in a seated carriage start from 18.90 euros; for traveling in a sleeping wagon – ticket prices start at € 30.90.
The ticket price always includes seat reservation and onboard services: water, coffee, small breakfast, high-speed Internet and the entertainment portal. It is also possible to purchase additional drinks and food from the menu at very low prices.

All meals are served by very friendly staff, caring for you throughout the trip.
Tickets are already on sale on the Regiojet website and at the HZPP ticket offices in Zagreb, Split and Rijeka.

Another popular service that Regiojet offers are the shuttle buses from Rijeka, Split, Hracac and Ogulin, serving popular holiday destinations on the Croatian Adriatic coast – from Istria to Dubrovnik. The company’s buses also connect the resorts of Kotor in Montenegro and Neum in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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TPC-1.1-compr Croatia: Rijeka, Let's Go! (Part 1/3)TPC-1.1-compr Croatia: Rijeka, Let's Go! (Part 1/3)